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Pharma Franchise agreement, also known as pharmaceutical franchise or PCD (Propaganda Cum Distribution), is a business model prevalent in the pharmaceutical industry. It allows a Pharmaceutical company (the franchisor) to expand its reach by appointing individuals or entities (the franchisees) to promote, distribute, and sell their Pharma Franchise products in specific geographic areas or territories. The franchisees operate as independent business owners but market the products of the franchisor under their brand name and with their support.

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Here are the key aspects of the Pharma Franchise agreement:

1). Pharma Franchise Agreement: :

The foundation of the Pharma Franchise relationship is a legal contract between the franchisor and franchisee, known as the Pharma Franchise Agreement. This agreement outlines the terms and conditions under which the franchisee will operate, including the product range, territory, promotional support, investment required, and profit-sharing arrangements.

2). Pharma Products Range::

The franchisor provides the franchisee with a range of Pharma products, which can include medicines, drugs, syrups, injections, and other healthcare products. The franchisee is responsible for promoting and selling these products in their designated territory.

3). Marketing and Promotion:

The franchisor typically supports the franchisee with marketing and promotional materials, such as visual aids, product literature, sample kits, and other promotional tools. These materials are meant to aid the franchisee in promoting the products to doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and other potential customers.

4). Investment:

The franchisee is required to invest in the initial stock of pharma products provided by the franchisor. The investment amount may vary depending on the pharma product range and the size of the territory. The franchisee is responsible for maintaining an adequate inventory of products to meet the demand in their area.

5). Pharma Profit-sharing:

The franchisee earns profits by selling the products at a margin above the cost price (purchase price from the franchisor). The profit-sharing percentage is usually agreed upon in the Franchise Agreement.

6). Quality:

The franchisor ensures that the pharma products meet quality standards and are manufactured following all regulatory guidelines. The franchisee must adhere to the regulations related to the sale and distribution of pharma franchise products in their region.

7). Advantages:

Pharma Franchise offers several advantages, such as leveraging an established brand name, reduced marketing costs, wider market coverage, and local market insights from the franchisee.


Pharma Franchise is a mutually beneficial model that allows Pharma Franchise companies to expand their business while enabling individuals or businesses to run their ventures with established product lines and marketing support.


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