What is PCD vs Pharma Franchise?

The PCD model allows the pharmaceutical company to expand its market presence without setting up its own sales and marketing team in every region. The distributors, on the other hand, benefit from the association with an established brand and get the opportunity to earn profits by selling the products. The pharmaceutical company, known as the franchisor, provides the franchisee with products, promotional materials, training, and support. In return, the franchisee sells the products and shares a portion of the profits with the franchisor."

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PCD and Pharma Franchise are two different business models:

1). PCD (Propaganda Cum Distribution):

PCD stands for "Propaganda Cum Distribution" or "Propaganda-cum-Distributor." In this business model, a pharmaceutical company appoints distributors or marketing associates to promote and distribute its products in a specific geographical area or territory. These distributors act as representatives of the pharmaceutical company and are responsible for marketing and selling the products to healthcare professionals like doctors, hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies.

2). Pharma Franchise::

Pharma Franchise, on the other hand, is a business arrangement where a pharmaceutical company grants franchise rights to individuals or entities to sell its products under the company's brand name and trademarks. The franchisee (the individual or entity) invests in the business and gets the rights to market, sell, and distribute the products in a specific region or area.


the main difference between PCD and Pharma Franchise lies in their business structure and the level of involvement of the associated parties. PCD involves appointing distributors to promote and distribute products, whereas Pharma Franchise involves granting franchise rights to individuals or entities to sell products under the company's brand name. Both models allow pharmaceutical companies to expand their reach and increase sales through partnerships with other entities.


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